Final edit

Here is our final edit we decided to change a lot of different parts compared to our final edit due to the fact that we had some amazing footage we didn’t really use in the first and second edit. Therefore we decided to change the titles at the beginning which we hand drew on a white board then took a picture and pasted it into premier pro. We have also decided that we did not make enough use of the fact that we used the green screen and the opportunities we could have used in order to make our video more special, we therefore looked into real media texts and gathered inspiration on how to use a green screen effectively we mostly got inspired by the song “suicide doors” by Pouya as most of the music video has been filmed in front of a green screen, for our final edit we have also edit some filters which was rather challenging as we used various cameras we therefore had to create filters for some shots manually as the lighting for different cameras varied and therefore the automatic filter looked different. Overall I am really happy with the outcome and here below is our video, I hope you enjoy it.

FINAL Edit on USB stick


Evaluation point 4. Use of different media technologies VLOG

Here is a vlog of how I have used different media technologies in order to create a fabulous blog and most importantly music video. This task has helped me to go through my blog in order to find out what we did and what we could have done better such as using a different location for the narrative part of the music video.

Here are all the different programmes and media technologies I have used over A2 and AS:

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Unfortunately just after I have created this post and vlog, I have received an email from Vimeo that all our videos have been taken down due to copyright reasons even though we created a disclaim and mentioned that our video is for educational use only and that we won´t make any money from it, therefore we tried to upload all our edits to Dailymotion however even that portal took our video down which means that we have to submit our video through a CD or a USB stick, however we were able to upload our video directly onto facebook in a very low quality but we could also take the advantage from some feedback of our peers. This concludes that we should have done more research into copyright acts that apply for Kanye West as he and his production company seems to be very tight on the acts of copyright.

Evaluation 3. What have I learned from my audience feedback?

In this task I will speak about how I had to gather my audience feedback and how I than could have used it in order to make our music video even better and could have therefore aimed at our target audience even further.

Gathering audience feedback for me was extremely difficult as our video has constantly been taken turn on various platforms such as Vimeo, Dailymotion and youtube therefore I had to film peers from my house and ask for feedback.

This person above was also an actor which makes this feedback even more reliable due to the fact that I could ask him about his feedback on the final piece but also what he thought of the planning due to the fact that he was involved as an actor.

Dominik Schmidt is currently studying AS media and therefore has some media knowledge and can use media terminology in order give me feedback. From his feedback I learned that we used a huge variation of shoots even especially mentioned POV shots. He also like the look of the editing due to fact that there was a lot of fast and cross editing involved. He than went on from editing to the lip syncing and said that he enjoyed the looks of the backgrounds we used.

After my 3rd feedback I than went on and gathered a group of students 3 of them in year 9 and one person from year 12. I tried to film them whilst they were watching our final edit. However again due to copyright reasons it has been taking down, I therefore had to cut the beginning whilst they were watching it.

Overall the feedback again has been great as the 2 of the year 9´s haven given me the grade 8 out of 10, which proves to me that I have done a good job. I have than go on and asked the other year 9 as he is into rap music and therefore be of good use. He mentioned that immensely enjoyed the look of the variation of the shots.

FACEBOOK feedback:

Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-28 um 09.43.42Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-28 um 09.43.53


Here is prove that our video was not able to be uploaded up on youtube or dailymotion even though we have added categories such as “education” and mentioned that we do not own the rights of this soundtrack.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-28 um 09.46.26.png

I could not get a screenshot of dailymotion as the final edit has been taken down completely.


Evaluation 2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

Here is my evaluation task 2 which shows how effective the combination of my main product and ancillary texts is. Overall I think the both fit well with each other due to the fact that all of the pictures have a direct connection to the either the narrative or our lip syncing actor. I also consider that both of my ancillary texts fit the genre as I have taken key elements such as colors, filters and fonts into consideration which represent the genre rap. Below you can view my Prezi which I have created especially to combine my main product with the ancillary texts.

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Apart from the screenshots I have also added a link of the Prezi onto my blog.

Evaluation point 1. In what way does my video relate to real media conventions and other texts

In order to create a fabulous piece we had to take into consideration other media texts that have been created with the same genre, which therefore meant that we had to match our video to other real media texts. In order to achieve these goals we choose similar elements from real media texts including narrative props costumes and shots, which are seen as stereotypes for the genre rap including these conventions.

Below are 9 pictures of my music video which will prove how we as a group have taken real media texts into consideration before we created our own piece:

Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-20 um 20.18.49

First up I have the title of the video which we wrote on a whiteboard and then took a picture edit it and paste it into adobe premier pro which was our chosen editing program. We have tried take inspiration from our research we did for our ancillary task 2 in order to create a urban kind of writing however due to the fact that created this title ourselves proves our professionalism and the aim that we tried to make our video unique. I have looked at a lot of other rap music videos including the real BLACK SKINHEAD video and found out that a lot of rap videos don`t have titles.

The two picture above show our characters and the real media text false alarm. They are similar in many ways as both of the pictures and especially are very professional in what they do and that they both have the given probs in order to meet that factor. It also shows that both of the beginnings of the two music videos are similar as they both show that the criminals get ready and prepare themselves in order to get the job done.

Comparing again “false alarm” to our video shows that we tried to get as many action shots into our video as possible as that makes a narrative like that special, therefore we tried to get as many POV and over shoulder shots included in our final media piece. Also important again for these two pictures is the cinematography we have used compared to the real media texts as the guns we used look very realistic which therefore is more enjoyable to watch in my opinion for our audience.

These two pictures show that both videos (our video and the real media texts) considered the video to look as realistic as possible. Therefore we took inspiration from “false alarm” in order to find out what the key elements are in oder to make a music video with a very similar narrative and therefore decided that gun flares are very important as they make a video look very realistic. We than therefore went onto youtube in order to find out how to use or how to implement effects like that into premier pro.

The screenshots above show our music video (on the left) and the real media text “Suicidal Thoughts In The Back Of The Cadillac – Pouya” (on the right). Using a green screen was a very challenging however satisfying experience for the both of us due to the fact that we both have never used a green screen before however are very pleased with the outcome we used Pouya`s song as an inspiration as his video on youtube has been greatly rated amongst consumers that are into rap music which are therefore also our target audience.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-20 um 20.51.19.png

The green screen also allowed us to use various backgrounds and they are also better quality as a projector and whiteboard for example. One of the key factors that we used the green screen though was that we won´t have to loosed marks due to shadows which did not appear for our case due to the fact that we spend a while in order to figure out the lighting.

These two pictures show that the aim of both narratives was to free a hostage which therefore means that we have again taken inspiration from ” false alarm” the weekend. When we started working and planning together we first decided that the main aim of the narrative and therefore the operation was going to be that a data from an electronic device such as a laptop will be stolen. However after looking at The Weekends video we decided that by using an hostage as the main aim we could have more character building and therefore make the music video look more interesting for us. Most important for the scenes with the hostage was the acting in my opinion as she had to look very afraid of getting killed which again compares both our video and the real media convention which is the main aim of this evaluation point.

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These two pictures show how we used real media conventions as an inspiration as both texts have used the green screens for the lip syncing part. The only difference between Pouya´s music video and ours is that he used the green screen in order to use his own body as a screen to play the narrative we have tried to do that with our video however due to the fact that we have a very strong narrative we needed the whole screen to show the different shots otherwise we would have taken the risk that the audience won´t understand the narrative and therefore consider our music video not to make sense. The other difference between the both is that we used different patterns and shapes in the background instead of having a white background in order to develop our overall knowledge for the future on how to edit more complicated backgrounds rather than a one ton colour.

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These two pictures show that our narrative strongly matches with other media texts (false alarm) as we have tried to use as many fighting elements as possible which therefore made it look very realistic and not just like a few videos that I have seen where the criminals clearly win without even getting injured. I figured out that most important for scenes like above is that there are many different and various shots and fast editing as this makes these kind of scenes very realistic.

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This is the only shot were we used a part of our singer Daniel and therefore the green screen on our narrative part just to give us more variation of media technology and skills that we have learned over our 2 year course even though that we did not know how to use a green screen at the beginning the two screenshots again show that we took inspiration from real media conventions.

Overall I do consider that we used real media conventions for our final piece apart from the titles were we decided to create our own title in order to add some creativity onto our music video. We have mainly taken inspiration from two artists which are Pouya and The Weekend as we considered these two artists fit our genre the best and that they use some sort of ideas and creativity for there music videos which are very similar to the ones we used.

Below are the two videos we took most inspiration from in order to plan and complete our final music video :

Print advert 3 – final advert

Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-28 um 20.54.49.png

The final advert was a very important task for me for the ancillary section as I already new which main picture I am going to use when I edited the first edit and second edit. The picture is one of the highlights of our actual music video in my opinion due to the fact that even nowadays we see billboards on streets with promotions for new releases of albums. I think overall I have figured out the layout rather well due to the fact that most important 2 factors are both well recognizable which are the release date and where the song or album will be available on. I also think I have figured out well the different fonts due to the fact that they fit that kind of urban gangster rap lifestyle. The QR code is set next to the the download portals due to the fact that in our modern society a lot of consumers use their phone to scan a QR code in order to get to the side were they can than purchase the product.

Print advert 2 – importance of print advert

Magazines and newspapers offer the ability to target a specific demographic through a product the audience connects with. Companies can target readers based on common interests, profession, region, or a variety of other factors. In addition, many publications provide readership demographics that include average household income, age, location, and spending habits.

This overall means that print adverts can be targeted more specifically to the target audience in my case for example the best idea would me to add an print advert into a rap magazine because they are seen as my target audience and will therefore increase my CD sales.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-19 um 16.59.24.png